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Lash Care

Project Description


  • Use oil free makeup remover and a soft cloth to remove make up.
  • Using the dry mascara wand to gently separate lashes, avoid brushing from the base of your lash line where the lashes are adhered.
  • Although not necessary, if you choose to use mascara, use only non-waterproof mascara on the tips of the lashes only.
  • Use a blow dryer on cool angled upwards towards your eyes to dry your lashes.
  • Use water or protein based under eye serums.


  • Don’t allow moisture around the eye area 24 hours after eyelash extension appointment
  • Don’t allow direct shower water to face.
  • Don’t allow shampoo, conditioner, cleaners or emollients near your lashes.
  • Don’t allow direct heat to your lashes.
  • Don’t use oils or heavy eye creams near the eye area.
  • Don’t rub, tug, or pull on the extensions.

Project Details


September 20, 2012

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